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I am an amateur photographer and software engineer living in the Bay Area. As both a software professional and parent, I am focused on accessibility and advocacy for people with disabilities. 

This experience informs my outlook on life, and it shapes my approach to photography. In practical terms, the daily routine of providing care for two young adults with special needs, 

combined with my commitment to always carry a camera, impacts my shooting technique and choice of gear. At a much deeper level, it influences my perspective on the meaning and pursuit of art.

My goal as a photographer is to express what I see and experience in my “mind's eye.” Sometimes that results in conventional, photorealistic images. Often it results in abstract or impressionist images. I gravitate toward collections of related images that, when viewed together, attempt to tell a story, reveal a theme, or convey the essence of a place.

This website also hosts one of my most ambitious photography projects. I call it the Image Trust. While the images are mostly private, the concept is one that I believe is important to families with special needs children. A nice side effect of this project was the publication of two of my images (one of my son) in the Winter 2017-18 issue of Tahoe Quarterly magazine.

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